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Shiri Lavi

Hebrew Letter Poster by Shiri Lavi

Hebrew Letter Poster by Shiri Lavi

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Hebrew Letter Poster, developed by a dedicated teacher for educators and students alike. This poster streamlines the learning process by providing visual aids for each of the 22 Hebrew letters, including the 5 ending letters, aiding in pronunciation and memorization.

You will also receive a digital copy of this poster to use in any way you'd like.

Size: Our Hebrew Letter Poster measures 18x24 inches, providing ample space for clear and easy-to-read visual aids in any classroom setting.

Paper Quality:
Printed on premium matte paper weighing 200 gsm (80 lb), our poster ensures durability and longevity, making it perfect for classroom use. The smooth, uncoated finish enhances tactile engagement, contributing to an enriched learning experience.

Packaging: Each poster is securely packaged to guarantee safe delivery, arriving intact and ready to enhance any learning environment.

Print on Demand: This Poster is printed and shipped on demand, offering educators the flexibility to acquire resources tailored to their needs without minimum order requirements.

Equip your students with effective learning tools with our Hebrew Letter Poster – a teacher-created resource designed to simplify Hebrew language acquisition.

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