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Lee Laa Lou

Hebrew School Notebook - Machberet - Bulk 200 pc

Hebrew School Notebook - Machberet - Bulk 200 pc

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200 units per case - 50 of each colour. Price is per case.

Thoughtfully researched with input from educators and students, our notebook features wide lines and two-tone shades, ensuring proper letter writing and positioning. The modern design adds a touch of fun to the writing experience, while the back cover provides a handy reference for both written (chtav) and print (dfus) forms of the Hebrew alphabet.
  • High quality Hebrew school notebooks - Machberet ( case includes 50 of each color - blue, pink, green and orange)
  • Opens left to right, for Hebrew writing.
  • Specially designed for early writers (aka "Smart Notebook").
  • Includes instructions on how to write the cursive (Chtav), and print (Dffus) letters.
  • Great for school and classroom use.
  • Total of 40 pages (36 inside + cover)
  • 10 rows per page
  • 100% paper
  • Light, and flexible.

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