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Colourful Print Hebrew Letters Stickers (Dffus)
Colorful Hebrew letters stickers. Learn how to spell and write in Hebrew. Great for teachers, educators, parents and children. Great use for Hebrew, and Jewish arts and crafts projects.

Colourful Print Hebrew Letters Stickers (Dffus)

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Turn learning time into play time with these Hebrew letter stickers. The colourful typeface will keep children interested for longer, making these an incredible tool for teaching the Hebrew language.

With Hebrew letter stickers (Dfus) and pronunciation stickers (Nikkud), our sheets are an ideal introduction to both speaking and reading Hebrew. This will boost progress quicker than learning each skill separately.

Kids can get creative, making their own words and sentences, encouraging them to take control of the language themselves. Kids learn faster when they’re doing it themselves - our stickers are perfect for learning quicker.

It’s time to make language learning fun, with our colourful sticker sheets.

A single package includes 4 sticker sheets (118 stickers)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable 
  • Non-toxic
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