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Lee Laa Lou

Hanukkah Sticker Activity Booklet

Hanukkah Sticker Activity Booklet

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Join Lee, Laa, and Lou as they prepare for their Hanukkah party, and learn about the story, traditions, and customs of this special holiday.

This Hanukkah sticker activity booklet comes complete with our new Hanukkah sticker set, our Hebrew letter stickers, and our number stickers (over 200 stickers!).

What's inside:

  • Learn about the meaning of Hanukkah
  • The story of the Maccabees
  • Practice writing and spelling of items and words relating to Hanukkah
  • Decorate and prepare for a Hanukkah party
  • "Light" a special Hanukeyah by using our custom Hanukeyah and candle stickers
  • Bonus: Arts & craft activity to make a special Hanukkah card

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