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Lee Laa Lou

Passover Matching Game - Match & Catch "Ma’tzati" (Digital Download)

Passover Matching Game - Match & Catch "Ma’tzati" (Digital Download)

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Bring the excitement of Passover into your classroom with an interactive matching game designed for digital download and printing. Engage your students in a fun and educational activity that explores Passover symbols while promoting critical thinking and observation skills. 20 pages of beautifully designed cards (which you'll need to cut out), that will definitely add some learning fun to your Passover programming.

Challenge your students to collect the most cards by identifying common symbols between them, all within the convenience of a digital format that you can print and use instantly.


  1. Download and Print: After purchasing, download the digital files and print the 20 beautifully illustrated cards. Recommended to print double sided.
  2. Setup: Cut and shuffle the printed cards and place them face down on a flat surface.
  3. Start Flipping: Have your students take turns flipping over two cards.
  4. Find the Match: The first student to identify the common symbol between the two cards shouts “Found it! (Ma’tzati)” and takes both cards.
  5. No Match? Keep Searching: If there's no common symbol, encourage students to keep flipping cards until a match is found.
  6. Repeat: Continue playing until all cards have been collected. Winner is the student with the most amount of cards.

Key Features:

  • Digital Download: Instantly access the game files after purchase, allowing for immediate printing and classroom use.

  • Customizable: Print the cards as many times as needed, ensuring endless opportunities for classroom engagement.

  • Educational: Provides a hands-on approach to teaching Passover symbols, suitable for ages 3 and up, promoting retention and understanding among students.


  • Digital download includes printable PDF files
  • Suitable for classroom settings
  • Recommended for students ages 3 and up

Package Includes:

  • 20 Passover-themed cards (PDF format)
  • Instruction booklet with suggested classroom activities

Enhance Your Passover Lesson Plans:

Transform your Passover lessons into interactive experiences with "Ma’tzati." Download, print, and engage your students in a hands-on exploration of Passover symbols while fostering collaboration and critical thinking skills in the classroom.

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