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Lee Laa Lou

Shabbat Sticker Activity Booklet

Shabbat Sticker Activity Booklet

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A wonderful activity for children to learn about the beauty of Shabbat. Comes with 3 of our most popular sticker sets: Hebrew letters, numbers, and our unique Shabbat sticker set (over 200+ stickers)!

12 beautifully designed pages that teach children about:

  • What is Shabbat
  • Preparing for Shabbat
  • Lighting the Shabbat candles
  • The Kiddush
  • The Shabbat meal
  • Shabbat day and,
  • Havdallah

Your children or students will have fun colouring, writing, and using our stickers throughout the booklet. This is a wonderful resource to keep children engaged and entertained while learning about what makes Shabbat so special.

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